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Terms of Service


Issued By: SIA Transfer Systems

Version of the: 01 March 2013


1.      Definitions

1.1.   Service Provider — SIA “Transfer Systems”, which is maintaining and taking care of the operations of the Transfer Booking System.

1.2.   Carrier — a company signing this Agreement and providing transportation services booked and paid for by Passengers (Transfers) in cities, inter-cities, inter-regions of territories of the respective countries.

1.3.   System — specially programmed, automated system for booking of and payment for transportation services operating in online mode in the Internet environment administered by the Service Provider.

1.4.   Transfer — pre-booked transportation service of carriage from certain origin (pick-up) to destination place (drop-off point), which has been purchased via the booking System.

1.5.   Voucher — a document confirming the fact of booking and purchase of the Transfer.

1.6.   Passenger — (in singular or plural) is a person(-s) using the Transfer.

1.7.   Transport — any means of transportation used to transport passengers, which can be a light passenger car, mini-van, bus or other means of transportation ordered by the Passenger.

1.8.   Driver — a driver of the Means of Transportation and an employee of the Carrier or legally or otherwise contracted person.

1.9.     No-show — means that the Passenger has not appeared at the pick-up point.

1.10.  No-show Form — a document indicating that the Passenger has not appeared at the pick-up place. It is drawn up and signed by a representative of the Carrier.

1.11.  Agreement — refers to all parts of this Agreement, including any amendments that could be made at any time in the future.


2.      Main Provisions of this Agreement

2.1.   The Carrier in its own name agrees to provide Transfer services and undertakes to appear at the agreed place or places for the pick-up of Passengers, and guarantees to perform transportation of Passengers at the agreed route.

2.2.   The Carrier shall conform to criteria set in legislative acts for providers of transportation (Transfer) services, and it must hold an effective licence, if such is requested by legislative acts of the respective country.

2.3.   The Carrier is responsible for the operations of the Driver and Means of Transportation, and also makes sure that the Driver is fully informed regarding the Passengers, luggage, vouchers and Transfer codes.

2.4.   The Carrier shall read all provisions of this Agreement, including all annexes thereof and shall duly notify Drivers on their obligations, by informing about the requirements of this Agreement and provisions concerning the provision of Transfer services.

2.5.   The Carrier guarantees that only Means of Transportation in good technical condition, as well as in duly clean state will be used to provide safe and comfortable transportation of Passengers. The Carrier shall make sure that Means of Transportation are duly supported for conformity with legal requirements set for the performance of economic activities. If any of permits (technical roadworthiness test or insurance) is invalid or lapsed, the Carrier shall take care of such issues or shall provide a replacement Means of Transportation.

2.6.   Moreover, in order to provide Transfer services in agreed routes and to avoid potential delay or non-appearance, the Carrier can sign agreements with other carriers — sub-contractors; however, in such cases provisions of this Agreement regarding the provision of services to Passengers are applicable.

2.7.   The Carrier usually provides Transfer services using its own Means of Transportation. In cases when this is not possible, Means of Transportations of the sub-contractor are ordered.

2.8.   The Service Provider will maintain exclusive rights of the Carrier to carry Passengers in particular routes if the Carrier will offer the lowest price available.

2.9.   The Service Provider and Carrier undertake to act in conformity with the provisions of legislative acts regarding personal information of Passengers, duly informing also the sub-contractors thereof, who will be providing Transfer services within the scope of this Agreement, maintaining strict confidentiality and not disclosing such information to third persons.

2.10. The Carrier is prohibited to use data of Passengers and Service Provider for any marketing activities without prior approval of Passengers and Service Provider, and also the Means of Transportation shall be free of any advertisement materials.


3.      Customer Service

3.1.   The Carrier shall conform to all Requirements set in this Agreement and its annexes. This regards to all the employees and Drivers maintaining direct or indirect contact with Passengers.

3.2.   The Carrier shall process all complaints timely submitted by Passengers concerning services. Copies of complaints and responses shall be forwarded to the Service Provider within seven business days from the day when complaints have been reviewed.

3.3.   The Carrier shall make sure that Drivers are able to communicate in English in all cases of individual and small groups carriages. When effecting a Transfer with a bus, the English language command is not a requirement for the bus driver; however, it would be useful if he/she would still be able to communicate in English.

3.4.   At the pick-up point of the Passenger the Driver shall wait for the Passenger in a visible place with clearly spelt name of the passenger on the information board. The Driver shall ask for the Passenger to present a passport or personal identity document, as well as a voucher or Transfer code in order to verify the identity of the Passenger and Transfer details.

3.5.   Transport waiting times, if Passenger linger: airports and harbors 60 minutes, train stations and bus stations 30 minutes, and hotels 15 minutes. When the Passenger has not appeared, the Driver shall try to contact the Passenger using the given mobile phone number. The Driver is entitled to leave the pick-up after the waiting time specified in each transfer description supplied the Carrier’s rate proposal.  If no reason for non-show up of the Passenger has been cleared also after contacting the Carrier. If the Passenger cannot be reached over the phone, the Carrier shall contact the Service Provider regarding such case.

3.6.   Drivers and sub-contractors in the Transfer route are not allowed to drive in or stop the Means of Transportation in pre-agreed places, like, shops, clubs, restaurants, etc., where they receive a commission fee (or “Kick-back”) for such service, and also it is prohibited to take on board of the Means of Transportation third persons, except persons in need for immediate emergency medical treatment and when the Means of Transportation is the only possible means of transportation for providing such assistance.

3.7.   The Carrier provides each Passenger with enough storage space for carrying hand luggage (standard airline hand luggage size), large pieces of luggage and skis or snowboard. Extra luggage and large pieces of luggage, large skis or large snowboard should be advised at booking stage and carrier will advise the correct price to quote for special service. Should Passenger fail to comply with the requirements for carriage of luggage, the Carrier is entitled to demand additional fee for transportation of excess luggage.

3.8.   The Carrier ensures that the Means of Transportation has been equipped with special child transportation seats or bolster chairs free of charge if the Passenger specifies such necessity upon the purchase of the Transfer.


4.      Service Quality Control

4.1.   Improvements of transfer services and the System: in order to provide reasonably best services to Passengers, the parties undertake to independently develop and improve their systems and services. References from Passengers and sub-contractor will help parties identify areas in need for improvements.

4.2.   The Service Provider ensures uninterrupted operation of the Booking System 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

4.3.   The Carrier supervises and is responsible for services provided by sub-contractors, and also is entitled to carry out individual survey programmes of Passengers regarding the services provided.

4.4.   The Carrier shall store Transfer codes, and, whenever possible, also vouchers for a two month period following the date of the Transfer performed by the Carrier.

4.5.   The Service Provider is entitled to introduce itself with procedures and service descriptions of the Carrier in order to establish the conformity level of the services provided. The Service Provider is entitled to appoint a third person for carrying out such audits. The Carrier shall cooperate with such auditor and shall provide all information requested. Costs of such audits are to be covered by the Service Provider. The Service Provider, however, shall not compensate time of Carrier’s employees devoted to cooperation with such auditors.

4.6.   The Service Provider is entitled to remove from the System Transfers offered by the Carrier without serving any notice to the Carrier in cases of material breaches of this Agreement, or if more than three considerable complaints have been received from clients regarding a particular Transfer service provider.


5.      Work of the System

5.1.   By maintaining its System, the Service Provider provides Passengers with an option of acquiring Transfers by using services offered within the System and any of modes of settlements offered by the System. When Passenger has paid for the Transfer, a voucher will be forwarded to its e-mail, listing all requisites and detailed information regarding the Transfer. Such voucher will also be at the disposal of the Driver. At the same time the order information will be also forwarded to the e-mail of the Carrier. Response to such e-mail during time period from 9:00 to 18:00 every day shall be ensured by the Carrier within four hours time. If no response is provided, a reminder will be sent indicating that response to a Transfer requested shall be given within two hours time. If no response is received, the Transfer is handed over to another Carrier. In such case the Service Provider is entitled to apply fines as per Clause 5.2 of this Agreement.

5.2.   Should the Carrier fail to approve a Transfer ordered within six hours time, this is considered as refusal to approve the Transfer and if no new Transfer is approved which has been received 24 or more hours before the order, the Carrier shall pay a fine of 20% from the Transfer price set by the Carrier.

5.3.   The Service Provider supplies the Carrier with passwords required to access the booking System, as well as instructs a representative of the Carrier on how to use the booking System.

5.4.   If the Transfer is ensured by sub-contractor of the Carrier, it is the obligation of the Carrier to hand over all information necessary for the Transfer to the sub-contractor.

5.5.   The Service Provider provides full functionality necessary for servicing the Transfer over the Internet. Passengers can make changes in Transfers or cancel them only within the deadlines set in this Agreement. Terms and conditions regarding luggage, execution of Transfers, changes or cancellations thereof, and sub-contracting are reflected at the home page of the System.

5.6.   Should the Passenger be willing to make amendments to the Transfer information, this can be done by the Passenger within the System considering deadlines and procedure set out in the terms and conditions of the Transfer.


6.      Settlement of Accounts

6.1.   Passengers pay for the Transfer chosen by means of any type of payment offered by the System, thus settling accounts with the Service Provider for the Transfer. The Transfer price offered by the System to the Passenger is composed of a Transfer price set by the Carrier with added service fee set by the Service Provider.

6.2.   Settlements between the Carrier and Service Provider are effected by bank transfers once per month. By the 4th day of each month the Carrier calculates the total value of Transfers performed during the past month, and issues a respective invoice thereof, indicating requisites of the Service Provider, requisites of each Transfer to be paid for (voucher, price, etc.) and the total amount payable.

6.3.  By the 4th day of each month the Carrier forwards the invoice to the Service Provider’s e-mail address: info@silktransfers.com according to Clause 6.2 of this Agreement, which the Service Provider undertakes to pay within a time period from the 5th to the 10th day of the month.

6.4.   Payments made in cash:

6.4.1. In cases when any changes occur in the Transfer route (additional luggage, toll roads, tunnels, etc.), the Passenger reimburses such expenses directly to the Driver conditional upon such expenses being unexpected and therefore not included in the Transfer price.

6.4.2. Should the Passenger be willing to make any changes in the route of the Transfer upon being picked up by the Driver, the Driver is entitled to agree directly with the Passenger regarding the new route and fee.

6.5.   Advance payment made by the Passenger:

6.5.1.The Passenger has purchased the Transfer within the System, and at the pick-up point the Passenger presents to the Driver a personal identification document, voucher or Transfer code.

6.5.2. Should any Passenger fail to present a personal identification document, voucher or Transfer code sent to his e-mail by the System to the Driver, the Driver can contact the Carrier and verify details of the Passenger’s identity, and if the Passenger is identified, the Driver ensures the Transfer.

6.6.   Commission fees and charges:

6.6.1.    If Passenger’s transport is delete and Driver has information from Passenger in advance: no charge from Passenger.

6.6.2.    If Passenger’s transport late and Driver check it: no charge from Passenger, but the Passenger has to wait.

6.6.3.    If Passenger transport on time and Passenger has some problem (luggage, documents) one hour is included, after that it release the Driver (100% penalty as “no-show”). The Driver contact with Passengers and agreed on waiting times and price and Passenger will pay cash for waiting time.

6.6.4.   If Passenger’s transport on time and Passenger has some problem (luggage, documents) one hour is included, if Passenger advise Carrier or Service Provider, Driver will wait and Passenger will pay cash for waiting time.

6.6.5.    In the case if during the Transfer the Passenger agrees on an additional route with the Driver and the Driver is able to perform it, the Driver agrees on the price with the Passenger and gives an immediate notice thereof to the Carrier, who in turn provides an immediate notice to the Service Provider. The Carrier pays to the Service Provider for such additional service 15% from the additional amount charged. Payment can be done also by withholding it from the amount due to the Carrier at the moment of mutual settlement of monthly accounts.

6.6.6.    In the case if Passenger fails to appear at the agreed time and agreed place, the Driver fills in the “no-show” form. In such case the Service Provider pays the Carrier 100 % of the Transfer fee charged.

6.7.   Non-appearance of the Passenger at the pick-up place:

6.7.1.   In the case of pre-paid Transfer, if the Passenger fails to appear at the agreed time and agreed place, the Service Provider guarantees payment to the Carrier for the amount set in Clause 6.6.2 conditional upon “no-show” form being filled in according to the following procedure:  Driver makes note in the “no-show” form about a call made to Carrier’s help line and describes the result of the call. If possible, as an evidence of Driver having waited for the Passenger at the pick-up place, the Driver appends a parking ticket and, whenever available, also GPS coordinates. Filled in “no-show” form, signed by the Driver, is submitted to the Carrier.


7.      Insurance

7.1.  The Carrier guarantees that valid insurance policies will be maintained with adequate insurance level regarding all risks that arise and that might arise in connection with the provision of Transfer services and/or which are associated with the Means of Transportation, its use in road traffic and its Drivers.

7.2.  Upon a request of the Service Provider, the Carrier presents effective insurance policy covering any of the risks listed in Clause 7.1 of this Agreement.

7.3.  The Carrier is responsible for adherence to the Transfer schedule, except for delays and deviations from the chosen Transfer caused by external circumstances outside the control or acts of the Carrier — traffic congestions, natural calamities, mutinies, strikes and similar events. The Carrier can insure such risks, as in cases of indemnities being paid such would be covered by insurance companies.


8.      Indemnities

8.1. The Carrier undertakes and is obliged to reimburse the Service Provider, its management and employees every loss, legal expenses, any other losses, indemnities, fines, judicial expenses, if such above-listed expenses and losses have incurred to the Service Provider as a result of acts of the Carrier, Driver or the contracted sub-contractor during the provision of Transfer and/or transportation services to Passengers.

8.2.  In the case if the Driver is unable to arrive at the place for pick-up of the Passenger due to any reasons, with the exception of cases stipulated in Clause 10, the Carrier is responsible for all expenses incurred by the Passenger as a result of failure to provide the Transfer service. This includes new flight ticket, overnight stay, food costs, new airport transfer, legal expenses, etc. costs. The Carrier shall reimburse such costs to the Passenger directly. If this is not done and claim is raised against the Service Provider, the Service Provider forwards such claim to the Carrier, who is obliged to cover it in full amount.

8.3. Should any incident occur involving the Passenger, the Carrier shall provide an immediate notice thereof to the Service Provider. The Carrier agrees to fully cooperate with the Service Provider in investigation of such aforementioned incidents and in other measures taken within best interests of the involved parties.


9.      Contractual fines

9.1.  Should the Carrier refuse to provide the Passenger with pre-paid and approved transfer due to any reasons (by duly notifying the Service Provider) earlier than within 24 hours before the Transfer time, the fines to be paid by the Carrier are 50% from the Transfer price set by the Carrier.

9.2.  Should the Carrier refuse to provide the Passenger with pre-paid and approved Transfer due to any reasons (by duly notifying the Service Provider) within 24 hours before the Transfer time, the fines to be paid by the Carrier are 100% from the Transfer price set by the Carrier.

9.3. Should the Carrier fail to timely approve the requested Transfer, it is obliged to pay contractual fines as per Clause 5.2 of the Agreement.

9.4. Contractual fines rate applicable to delayed payments from the side of the Service Provider is 0.1% from outstanding amounts payable for each day of delay.


10.  Force Majeure circumstances

10.1. The parties shall not be held responsible for complete or partial non-execution of the contractual liabilities, if the execution is prevented or made impossible by Force Majeure circumstances that could not be foreseen and cannot be prevented or affected by any reasonable means, including any nature disasters and catastrophes, strikes, war, military operations, binding deeds, decisions, instructions issued by the legislator, executive power, court/administrative power or the public law institutions, etc. Parties shall immediately inform other contractual parties about setting in of Force Majeuere circumstances.

10.2. In case of setting in of Force Majeure circumstances the Carrier shall ensure Transfer as soon as possible giving a prior notice to the Passenger. Expenses for waiting for the Transfer (hotel, catering) due to the above mentioned circumstances shall be on the Passenger’s account. In case of choosing another route provisions of Clause 6.6.5 of the present Agreement shall apply. Should the Passenger refuse the Transfer, the received payment for the Transfer shall not be repaid.


11.  Termination of the Agreement and Other Provisions

11.1. This Agreement enters into force upon signing thereof and is concluded for an indefinite period of time. All amendments to the provisions of the Agreement will be agreed upon by parties in writing.

11.2. Every party is entitled to terminate this Agreement, by giving a 30 day written notice to the other party.

11.3. Every party is entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect should malicious act of the other party be discovered, or if the other party has repeatedly violated the provisions of this Agreement, causing losses to the other party, or if any of the parties becomes insolvent or if the insolvency procedure is initiated against it.

11.4. This Agreement is considered as terminated when the parties have settled mutual accounts, no unsettled mutual claims or obligations are outstanding, and the parties have followed the procedure for the termination of the Agreement. Upon the receipt of a notice of the termination of the Agreement, the parties settle mutual accounts assuming that all settlements shall be paid as at the notified termination day of the Agreement.


12.  Dispute Settlement Procedure and Correspondence

12.1. The parties shall attempt to solve disputes arising during the effective period of this Agreement by way of mutually beneficial negotiations. If the subject matter of dispute cannot be resolved and it becomes a legal dispute, it will be solved in accordance with effective legislative acts of the Republic of Latvia, by courts of the Republic of Latvia.

12.2. All communication between parties can be ensured through e-mails, except for official legal documents concerning this Agreement and its execution.


13.  Closing Provisions

13.1. This Agreement has been signed by persons duly authorised by the Service Provider and the Carrier, entrusted with all necessary powers of attorney.

13.2. In order to affirm agreement with the provisions of the Agreement, parties have become acquainted with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, hereby sign, stamp and date it. Each party receives one copy of this Agreement.


Annex No. 1


1. The Carrier is not allowed to employ driver of the Means of Transportation who has been admitted guilty of grave violation of road traffic rules, like, driving in state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, or has been declared guilty in death of a person involved in road traffic. The Carrier undertakes to ensure that the referred to problems do not occur and will timely replace the driver of the Means of Transportation upon the discovery of the referred to conditions.

2. The Carrier and sub-contractors shall maintain good mechanic and visual condition of the Vehicle, it has to be cleaned and no bad smell of left-over substances is permissible inside of the Vehicle. Equipment of Passenger seats shall be fully operational and in good technical state. This applies also the any replacement vehicles.

3. The Carrier shall take measures to ensure that Drivers hold valid a driving licence, good eye-sight and checked health, suitable for driving a vehicle of the respectively category.

4. The Carrier monitors and provides for valid insurance policies for both — drivers and vehicles.

5. The Means of Transportation shall carry a valid technical road-worthiness certificate.

6. The Carrier shall ensure that Drivers are familiar with the documents, manuals and documentation concerned with the particular Means of Transportation, as well as that they have been instructed and are aware of how do all the systems of the respective Vehicle function. Drivers shall be informed on such issues of insurance and road traffic in order to be able to adhere to the local road traffic rules of the particular country. Moreover, the Carrier shall ensure that upon border-crossing all the documents have been properly executed and all duties have been paid.

7. The Carrier shall prepare written rules for Drivers of Means of Transportation for the provision of Transfer services, and shall be able to present these upon a request of the Service provider.

8. Drivers shall arrive at the pick-up point 5 minutes before the planned arrival time and shall wait for the Passenger for one hour. No fees or charges are payable for such waiting time, except for parking fees, which are paid by the Driver or the Carrier. At the pick-up (arrival) place Drivers shall hold an information card of at least A4 size, where to write name of Passengers expected (or name of one Passenger) in printed letters, and to hold visible this plate while expecting Passengers. It is within the responsibility of the Carrier to ensure the performance of this procedure every time. The plate shall be prepared with due care, not scratched, torn, with uneven edges or similar damages — the plate along with a Passenger’s name on it shall be aesthetically pleasant. The simplest standard is A4 size white page, where the name of the Passenger in Landscape format is printed in black letters, size of letters at least 80, easily legible font.

9. If the Passenger has not appeared at the pick-up place, the Driver shall make inquiring measures, if it is possible and shall establish whether the transport of the Passenger has arrived or not, and if it has not, the possible causes for delay shall be identified.

10. The Carrier is liable for timely notification of the Driver on times and reasons for arrival/non-arrival of the transport of the Passenger.

11. In the case of non-appearance of the Passenger the Driver fills in the No-show form, and, whenever possible, requests a signature of the persons in charge (usually at information stands) on the No-show form evidencing that the flight of the Passenger or other mode of transportation was cancelled or delayed, along with a mark of time when the Driver has requested such information. Upon arrival at the base the Driver submits the filled in No-show forms to the Carrier.


Annex No. 2


 to be observed by DRIVERS

1. Drivers shall duly and strictly adhere to the binding rules of road traffic effective in the respective country. The Driver assesses and monitors the technical state of the vehicle — tires shall be in good condition and suitable for driving in the particular season, engine oil, water and windshield liquid shall be at the sufficient level. Should the Driver discover any untypical noises before departing for the route, which could be indicative of any deviations from regular operation of vehicle, this shall be immediately notified to representatives of the Carrier. In any case the Driver is not allowed to drive the Means of Transportation the state of damage or fault of which prohibits it from being used.

2. Drivers shall maintain clean state of the interior of the Means of Transportation, including windows and panels, it shall be regularly monitored for proper tidiness, except for cleanliness of exterior details in bad weather. All auxiliary devices in buses shall be functional, such as WC and coffee machine, and these shall be clean and tidied before departure.

3. Upon departure the Driver shall consult Passengers regarding desirable saloon temperature of the Vehicle to be maintained. The Driver shall also instruct Passengers on any specific rules applicable during the Transfer ride, should such be required.

4. The Driver shall have at his disposal operational mobile phone with a possibility to charge it, and the Driver shall be aware of the Carrier’s help line phone numbers. Regarding all uncertainties or in situations when decision has to be taken that could influence the Transfer route or service level of the services provided to Passengers, the Driver shall contact the Carrier to seek advice on best recommended actions.

5. During the Transfer any repairs to the Means of Transportation shall be done as fast as reasonably possible, if that can be done at all without any risk. If the damages do not allow for further drive, the Driver shall notify the Carrier, who ensures the arrival of a similar class vehicle or organises further travel of the Passenger.

6. Drivers shall possess command of sufficient conversational English language, as well as the native language to be able to clearly communicate with Passengers regarding the route, road particularities, technical devices of the Means of Transportation and other topics that might come up within the course of participation in road traffic.

7. The clothing of Drivers shall be in classic business style, dark colours, or they shall wear a uniform of the Carrier. No jeans, vests and sweaters, sneakers, knitted caps, hats are allowed.

8. Drivers shall always be polite and professional. Drivers are not allowed to listen to loud radio or any audio recording device. The Driver shall consult the Carrier regarding music permitted in the Means of Transportation. Should any problems or disputes arise with Passenger(-s), which cannot be resolved, the Driver must contact the Carrier to find out the most appropriate action.

9. Upon a request of Passengers, the Driver shall make a stop in the nearest possible WC or coffee place (usually the petrol stations). The Driver is not allowed to prohibit the use of food in the Means of Transportation, unless Passengers by consuming any food are in breach of the permissible rules of hygiene and conduct.

10. Drivers shall choose to park the Vehicle as close as possible to the pick-up points. IF the Driver must meet Passengers at airports, ferry or train stations, the Carrier shall notify the Drivers on the actual expected times of arrival of Passengers in order to avoid unnecessary overpaying for parking and waste of time for waiting.

11. Drivers shall ensure transportation of minors and luggage according to effective legislative and safety requirements. Luggage shall be loaded in luggage compartments, and any thefts or falling from the vehicle of transportation shall be prevented during the drive.

12. Drivers shall make sure to invite Passengers to fasten their seat belts before the commencement of the drive.

13. Drivers should get introduced with the route before the commencement of the drive except cases when Passengers request alternative destination. In addition to electronic navigation GPS devices the Driver shall possess also a complete printed road map.

14. No mobile phones are allowed while driving, unless the mobile phone is equipped with a hands-free system.

15. Drivers are not permitted to carry friends, partners and family members while the vehicle is used for Transfer. No several Transfers can be merged into one drive, if separate Transfers have been booked and no other Transfer Passengers can be carried who have booked the same or similar Transfer, and have arrived at about the same time.

16. In respect of pre-paid Transfers Drivers are not allowed to change any information of the Transfer route without the approval of the Carrier, even upon a request of the Passenger. Any changes in the route shall be agreed upon in advance with the Carrier. Upon a request of the Passenger the route can be changed only if agreed by the Carrier and if the Passenger undertakes to cover the cost, in case additional expenses occur. The Carrier shall be consulted on additional expenses and the price shall be coordinated.

17. Drivers are not allowed to fuel the vehicle at any moment of the Transfer, except for long-haul routes in excess of 200 km.










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