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Carrier — a company that ensures transportation services (Transfers) booked and paid by the Clients within cities, intercity, interregional within territory of the respective country.

Silktransfers – special programmed automated transportation service booking and payment system that is operated in on-line mode on the Internet and administrated by the Transfer Systems.

Transfer – pre-booked transportation service from a definite pick-up point to a definite drop-off point that is purchased via Silktransfers.

Voucher – a document confirming the booking and purchase of a Transfer.

Client - (singular or plural) is a person (persons), who uses the Transfer and has purchased the Transfer on the Internet site Silktransfers.

Subject of the Agreement
Transfer Systems sells Transfers on the Internet site Silktransfers upon Carriers’ proposal and in their interests.

Transfer Systems is not the organizer of the Transfer, but only seller of the Transfer.

Prices and Payment Order

Prices for Transfers and amount of available Transfers on the Silktransfers at the respective price may be subject to change until the moment when Client has purchased the Transfer.

Silktransfers offers the lowest price for the selected Transfer depending on the chosen level of comfort or vehicle class.

The Client is given 15 minutes for settlement of payment for the selected Transfer, during which the Client shall pay for the Transfer using internet banking or payment cards. Silktransfers shall send a confirmation of the prepaid Transfer to the Client’s e-mail.

Payments for Transfers using internet banking are terminated 10 days before the Transfer date, using payment cards – 24 hours before the Transfer date.

If the Client fails to settle payment within 15 minutes, the transaction is ceased and Client shall carry out a new purchase procedure.

Transfer Systems is authorised to annul any purchase, if there is suspicion of a possible fraudulent character of the transaction. Use of other person’s internet banking, payment card and/or payment card data for purchase of Transfers is illegal. Person responsible for the said illegal transactions may be called to justice pursuant to laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

Purchase of Transfer

Client shall pay for the selected Transfer by any of the payment methods offered by Silktransfers.

After payment for the Transfer Silktransfers automatically sends an invoice, voucher and code to the Client’s e-mail; invoice is also available at the Silktransfers section „Manage my Booking”.

If the payment is made via internet banking, the voucher shall be sent to the Client only after Transfer Systems has received the money in their bank account.

In case you have not received a voucher, code or invoice for the purchased Transfer to your e-mail, please, contact us via e-mail info@silktransfers.com or by phone +371 27888850.

Client may change Transfers or cancel Transfers only within the terms set by the Silktransfers.

In case Client wishes to change information about Transfer it can be done within the terms and pursuant to procedure set by the Silktransfers.


Provision of Transfer

At the pick-up point the Client has to look for a person with clear Client’s name and surname printed on the informative board.  

Vehicle driver will wait for the Client at airports and ship and ferry ports for 60 minutes after the determined time of arrival; in railway stations, bus terminals and hotels – for 30 minutes after the determined time of arrival.

At the pick-up point Client shall present to the vehicle driver a personal identification document, voucher and code of the Transfer that can also be in electronic of digital form.

In case there are additional expenses on the route of Transfer initiated by the Client, for example, change of the route, additional luggage, toll roads, tunnels, etc., and the vehicle driver is able to ensure such additional requests, the Client shall pay the additional charge directly to the driver. Client shall also pay for expenses occurred during the Transfer and on the route due to any other reasons, for example, nature disasters, road repairs, closed roads, etc.


Luggage and Transportation of Children

Carrier shall ensure transportation of hand luggage (standard airline hand luggage), checked luggage and skis or snowboard of each Client. If the Client does not comply with In case the Client fails to comply with luggage transportation regulations, the Carrier is authorised to claim additional payment for transportation of additional luggage.

Carrier shall ensure that the vehicle is equipped with special child seats or racks, if the Client has mentioned such necessity when purchasing the Transfer.

Responsibility of Silktransfers

Rights and liabilities arising from the Transfers shall be ensured by the Carrier and Transfer Systems shall not undertake responsibility for the contents or execution of such rights and liabilities.   

Transfer Systems shall not verify identity of Silktransfers users, with the exception of username and password. Data of registered Silktransfers users are protected and are not available for public. 

Neither the Transfer Systems, nor the Carrier shall verify identity of the buyer or owner of payment card, and shall not undertake responsibility for losses arising thereof.
Breach of the Silktransfers usage instructions allows Transfer Systems to block access and/or annul any purchase of a user.

Silktransfers Internet site may contain references and links to other sites, and since Transfer Systems cannot control these sites and information contained therein Transfer Systems shall not undertake responsibility for compliance, importance and information of such sites.

Any type of use of the Silktransfers Internet site for any type of activities without prior written permit from the Transfer Systems is prohibited.

Responsibility of Clients
User of Silktransfers undertakes not to disturb operation of Silktransfers and its technological solutions. Any kind of control, copying, reproduction, adjusting, use and publishing of data of the Silktransfers operation for any purposes is prohibited. Any activities causing download of unreasonably large information amount to Silktransfers is prohibited.

When selecting a Transfer Client shall make sure that he/she has entered sufficient and complete information in the places required by Silktransfers. Transfer System shall not be responsible, if a Client has submitted inadequate information in the result of what he/she has not arrived at the pick-up point or cannot receive Transfer services in some other way or has suffered losses.

While using Silktransfers Internet site the users undertake:

• to provide precise data;

• not to use stolen payment cads or other illegal types of payment;

• to be at least 18 years old, without valid restrictions of liability;

• to comply with all Silktransfers usage instructions;

• to undertake full liability for non-reveal of his/her username or password to third persons.

Breach of the Silktransfers usage instructions allows Transfer Systems to block access and/or annul any purchase of a user.

Purchase Cancellation/Repayment of Transaction Sum
In accordance with Paragraph 15.11 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.207 “regulations Regarding Distance Contracts” providing that
unless otherwise agreed by the parties, consumers may not exercise the right of withdrawal ifa seller or service provider after entering into the contract regarding accommodation or transport services, catering or entertainment events undertakes to provide the service on a specific day or within a specific time period, the Client may withdraw from the purchased Transfer only in cases and pursuant to provisions determined in Silktransfers site.

Client may cancel a prepaid Transfer before execution of such Transfer, but the following commissions will be withheld:

-          if cancelled 20 days before the Transfer – 10% of the Transfer price shall be withheld, but not less than EUR 20;

-          if cancelled during the period from 19 to 3 days before the Transfer – 50% shall be withheld;

-          if cancelled less than 3 days before the Transfer – 100% shall be withheld.
Transfer Systems shall not undertake responsibility for cancelled Transfers, and neither for possible losses or compensations that might arise in case of cancellation/postponement of Transfers.

All complaints related to service and quality of the Transfer shall be submitted to the Transfer Systems.

Any disputes that might arise, while carrying out purchase in Silktransfers, shall be settled in accordance with laws and regulations valid in the Republic of Latvia.

The present instructions are available on the Transfer Systems Internet site www.silktransfers.com section “Usage instructions”, where it is possible to download and save these instructions.  


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